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We're making 4 vegan salad-in-a-jar dishes that are perfect for lunch on the go.

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4 Delicious Salads-In-A-Jar.

Fresh & Fruity Salad-In-A-Jar.
Blackberry Balsamic Vinaigrette.
Strawberries, diced.
Red onion, sliced.
Goat cheese, collapsed.

Protein-Packed Chopped Salad-In-A-Jar.
Spicy Honey Mustard Dressing.
Chickpeas, washed as well as drained.
Red potatoes, diced and steamed.
Egg, boiled as well as diced.
Eco-friendly beans, steamed.

Asian-Inspired Salad-In-A-Ja.
Tangy Citrus Avocado Dressing.
Edamame, steamed and shelled.
Red cabbage.
Broccoli florets, steamed.

Greek Salad-In-A-Jar.
Velvety Greek Dressing.
Black olives.
Feta cheese.
Cherry tomatoes.
Cucumbers, diced.
Yellow peppers, diced.

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  1. Hi Shakira! I don’t think that’s necessary. I guess it would depend on
    how long you want your salad to last. These will last 3-4 days in the
    refrigerator without a problem. Enjoy :)

    • The Domestic Geek ….can we you use recycled glass jar instead of Mason
      jar ….I notice you used Mason in all your videos I am wondering if
      there’s specific reason ….??? Mason jar is not expensive but I just want
      to find away to recycled my recycled jar…thanks

    • Yousif Said either you’re a major smartass, for which i would commend you,
      or you really just need other people to tell you every single move to make.
      Of course you can use other jars, these aren’t preserves that she’s sealing
      long term, just salads made a couple of days in advance. She’s just using
      mason jars because so many people are obsessed with them for some illogical
      reason, and it just so happens that it gets her more views.

    • +Judy Abusteit yeah you’re right, adding the dressing little by little
      might be just a tad bit excessive, and slightly ruin the point of having
      everything in one jar. Shaking it up a good amount when you’re ready to
      will probably do the trick. If you still find that shaking the dressing
      doesn’t work you can always pack it separately the next day. Salads don’t
      taste too bad with little to know dressing

  2. I just made the Asian Salad in a jar. So good!! I added some rice vinegar
    to the dressing for a bit more tang and added some chow mein noodles for
    crunch. Such a great option for lunch. Thanks for the unique recipes!

  3. I love your ideas, i will try these soon, and as a vegetarian, i love they
    have protein and options. 🙂 THANK YOU

  4. Hi may i ask if u can share w us some breakfast spread? Other than egg
    mayo, tuna mayo, avocados what else can we make spread?


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