Gordon shows how to prepare steak completely – and transforms it into a zesty beef salad. From Gordon's Ultimate Culinary Course. Subscribe for even more videos.

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  1. A great dish for January, this salad makes steak go further than
    traditional steak and chips – and the Asian aromatics such a chilli and
    ginger are incredibly good for you. Give it a go. 

  2. Ingredients:

    Beef steaks
    Palm sugar
    Vine/Cherry tomatoes
    Spring onions
    Baby gem lettuce

  3. I want to make at least half of what the chef is making…BUT I BARELY HAVE
    ENOUGH MONEY FOR A SODA AT A CONVIENCE STORE! how does he expect us (me) to
    make something as incredible as this, with out having the money to buy the
    ingredients?! do I have to just bullshit my way through the meal? is there
    a cheaper dish for us (me) to make and eat?

    • This recipe is very affordable if you cut on the steak/use cheaper cuts or
      change to chicken breasts stir fried with loads of onions and lemongrass.
      Carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, shallots and peanuts are enough but
      you need all the stuff he used for the sauce.

      If you’re looking for easy, cheap recipes, try Brothers Green Eats channel
      on Youtube. They make $5 meals and $30 meals a week recipes and stuff like
      that. Even cheap vegetarian and vegan recipes. (:

    • You shouldn’t even be thinking of soda, especially if you don’t have that
      much money to spend. Don’t even be thinking about cooking like this. Just
      buy bare minimum healthy foods (free range, organic chicken eggs), organic
      salad, wild caught fish (bristle / sardines) and etc. Yes, organic might be
      a bit more expensive, but what is your health worth to you, when you’re
      sitting in a hospital one day with a serious illness because you didn’t
      take care of your body years ago?

      Health should always be priority, no matter how much or how little money
      you make.

    • There is no scientific evidence to suggest that organic foods are better
      for your health. The pesticides found in ordinary food are too minimal to
      actually do any damage. It’s a waste of money, especially if one can’t even
      afford to buy a can of coke.

    • +Gemma Pilling
      And I am supposed to trust the “scientists” who performed these tests you
      speak of? I’ll pass on that. To each their own beliefs on the subject
      though. I’ll stick to ‘organic’ (not perfect, as wild would be, but still
      better than conventional, imo). o/

    • Kristy Hayward you could try homemade croutons. Take a bread of your choice
      and cut it up into little squares/rectangles. Add your seasoning and
      drizzle some olive oil on all of them. Bake them for a few minutes. You now
      have delicious homemade croutons

    • +Zach Novosad I can’t stand the look, taste or smell of bloody-rare meat. I
      don’t like sashimi or soft, runny eggs either.

      For me, properly cooked protein is Well Done without being dried out or
      burned. It takes a skilled cook to deliver that. Anyone can do half-raw

    • Paula Johnson I’m just saying you actually lose a lot of the nutrients when
      you cook a steak to “well”. You’re entitled to your opinion but there isn’t
      anything wrong with a medium rare steak. I’m not really a huge fan of
      sushi, and as for eggs, it depends on what I’m eating them on/with.
      Sometimes runny, sometimes popped yolk, sometimes scrambled

    • +Zach Novosad I don’t eat a lot of red meat, so what few nutrients might be
      lost in well done protein is irrelevant. I’d rather deal with that than
      risk eating parasites and other pathogens in undercooked flesh. The CDC and
      FDA constantly issue warnings about eating rare meat.

    • Paula Johnson I can’t stand when people bring in government standards and
      crap. That’s why we have all these problems. I have no respect for the FDA.
      They’re the same ones that permit chickens to be raised in cages of
      thousands, then sent to China to be processed and sent back to the United


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