Principles of fantastic salads. Video clip extracted from Jamie's application


    • Foreva Young you can use yoghurt as a base and add some flavourless oil
      (like sunflower oil) and acid. Yoghurt contains fats and acids already, but
      on its own it would be too thick as a dressing. Then you add salt, pepper,
      herbs like Jamie said 🙂

    • ingrid You wash them, let them dry and put them in tupperware or a zip bag
      in the fridge, but not to tightly, otherwise the delicate leaves will
      break. They will stay good for 5-7 days, but be sure to check the salad
      before using and pick off any mushy bits, especially of the container has
      been in contact with the back of the fridge.

  1. This is my first tine actually watching Jamie Oliver . I thought he was
    very cute, enthusiastic and passionate about steering people (including
    children) towards a better life so supported him. Now, I see a first
    glimpse into his greatness…with this simplicity and goodness . Grateful I
    took the time while unable to sleep that I “stumbled” upon the deservedly
    famous, Jamie Oliver.


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