The legendary Antonio Carluccio ultimately makes his debut on Food Tube! We are honoured to have this incredible chef, writer, restauranteur as well as old close friend of Gennaro Contaldo share with us – and also you – his genuine Italian carbonara recipe. So simple. So delicious.

Exactly what's your preferred pasta recipe Food Tubers? Other terrific ideas or techniques for making this most timeless of recipes? Please contact us in the remarks box listed below.

Would you like to see even more of Antonio on the channel? If you yell audible we'll ask him extremely well to do some even more videos!

Dish right here:

In the meantime you could read more of his superb pasta recipes in his new publication:

As well as you could find out more terrific recipes in the Two Greedy Italians book written with Food Tube's very own Gennaro Contaldo:

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    • its not for giving taste to the pasta or not them sticking together, its
      for the water not to boil and foam over the pot. i do this everytime i boil
      something just as a precaution. works 100%

    • +kalosbas that is right it breaks surface tension or the formation of the
      starch bubbles which will boil over the pot and run down the sides of the
      pot eventually burning the sides of the pot which could intimidating for

  1. This is the first time I see carbonara without cream, I think my customer
    will feel like get scammed. So many people pretend to do the real classic
    recipe, I think we will never know who say right without a time Machine to
    back in the past.
    Now it’s all about the taste of people and we make the version we prefer :
    with/without cream, onion, shalots, wine, garlic, thyme, bay leaf etc…
    I am agree some authentic classic recipe are generaly the best way to cook,
    but we won’t stop the progress and try to improve. This is the evolution or
    we should have stayed at the Stone Age.
    Anyway thank you for sharing your recipe, looks very nice and tasty !

    • It’s well documented, you don’t need a time machine but I understand what
      you mean, if a native chinese person came to see how english/americans made
      ‘chinese’ food, they would be shocked too

    • sorry for my english, i’m italian.
      i want share with you this.
      like i said im italian, but i’m living in Serbia.
      a lot of serbian people went to italy thinking to eat the best pizza in
      the universe, and they said that they didn’t like it. they are so used to
      their way of pizza that didn’t like the “real” one. what i think of their
      pizza? for me is not pizza, but is eatable.

      in italy i used to go to a very nice chinese restorant, they put a new menu
      with steamed dumplings filled with lobster and asparagus, trust me are
      delicious. but are not chinese, we call in italy “fusion”, mix of china and
      italy i guess (never see something like this in china).

      i’m not this kind of italian guy that say “oh no pizza and ananas never,
      blasfemy!” becouse every cousine have influence. just be awere that you are
      not eating italian cousine but american-italian for italian food in
      america, or german-italian cousine for italina food in german, or
      chinese-italian, in chinese food in italy. and so on

    • I can confirm what you said. I am from Serbia and almost everyone I know
      doesn’t like Italian pizza and they all put ketchup on pizza and I know
      that it is the worst thing in the world you can do when it comes to eating
      Italian pizza. (my sister is married to Italian and he told me that putting
      ketchup on pizza for Italians is like burning their flag in front of them
      :D). I personally adore Italian version of both pizza and carbonara.
      Carbonara with cream is just too heavy for me.

  2. he keeps food very authentic.. i hate all those fusion and what not. i know
    food is an art to do as you please but nowadays theres just too much
    rubbish on tv cooking shows…I love Carluccio. Is he single? I am :)

  3. I admire cooks like him that always sticks to the REAL traditions of
    cooking and that they cook it the real and traditional way! How it should


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