Lemonade Cleanse Recipe

2Lemonade Cleanse Recipe 2

In addition to the detoxing properties of the raw cane grass juice, the malic acid in tart and bitter fresh citrus such as lemon, lime, yuzu, kumquat & grapefruit can deepen cleansing.

Here is a variation of the recipe for Lemonade Cleanse:
•fresh-pressed raw cane juice™
•lemon juice
•ginger juice
•african bird cayenne

Lemonade Cleanse RecipeLemon Cane version

•16 oz Lemon Cane*
•2 oz fresh organic lime juice
•3 oz fresh kumquat or grapefruit juice
•1/8 tsp organic cayenne pepper
•2/3 cup pure spring water
•ice – to your liking



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